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Do dogs boost office morale?

Should you allow dogs in the office?

This is a question which divides many offices across the globe. On first look, it could seem like it’s indulging pet owners, but there’s actually a strong justification for dog friendly attitudes in the workplace

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

Pets in the workplace promote happiness. Why? Everyone is familiar with the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when greeted with unconditional adoration of a furry friend at the door, not matter how your day is going.

More mentally prepared.
Having dogs in the office reminds us to take a moment to ourselves and break away from computers screens, whether it’s for a quick scratch or a walk outside. These temporary distractions allow us to take a mental break from work and come back feeling more refreshed and ready for the day.

Exercise for staff.
A healthier lifestyle has benefits in itself; better concentration, reduced stress, boosted morale. As our canine friends often require regular toilet breaks and walks, this can create a healthier working environment as employees are encouraged to go outside.

Improved communication.
You see a cute dog heading towards you. ‘Is it a boy, or a girl?’, you might ask the dog’s owner. This simple exchange opens an avenue for communication, as it encourages employees to branch out and exercise their social skills, perhaps with members of the team or other teams in the office they might not have otherwise engaged with.

Reduced stress.
Petting dogs reduces stress. Fact. Pets are scientifically proven to help reduce stress, depression and anxiety. When interacting with pets, especially cats or dogs, our bodies release the stress-reducing hormone Oxytocin, which helps us to feel more relaxed.

Money saving.
Do you know how expensive dog walkers can be (especially if you have more than one dog)?

Improved work/life balance.
Allowing dogs in the office gives owners a better work/life balance by making it easier for them to spend more time with the dogs and feel less guilty about leaving them home alone all day.

Better for the dogs.
Bringing dogs to work is good for our furry friends, too! According to the RSPCA, 8 out of 10 dogs don’t cope when their owner isn’t around. This is often referred to as separation anxiety and can really upset our canine friends and indeed their owners, who find it hard to leave them.

Good perks.
For pet owners, a big selling point of a new employer is dog friendly policies. Allowing dogs in the office puts you on the same list of successful companies that are standing out by already doing the same thing. These innovative perks are keeping with the times, where pets are very much part of the family, making you to stand out, attract top talent and retain them.

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