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How we can help you with your Limited Company

If you’re considering setting up a Limited Company, there are many processes involved that can often prove time consuming. By having us at your side, we can provide the helping hand you need, from setup and beyond.   


What is a Limited Company?

In a nutshell, a Limited Company is something everyone can have. If you want to become a contractor, all you need to do is choose a name, register it online for a small fee and, after sending all the required information, your company will then be listed on Companies House. All its information will then appear on the public register.

What we do for you

If that sounds like hassle, that’s where we come in. By having us guide you through this journey, we:

  • Incorporate your Limited Company to companies house, which we work hard to ensure you get the certificate within 24 hours. However, some companies take 48 hours.
  • Help you open a business bank account by offering a choice of whether to use your personal bank provider or a quick setup for online business bank account, which comes with a fee
  • Have teamed up with Kingsbridge who will tailor your insurance policies to the relevant job title/industry.

Next steps

Once you’re all setup, we will then introduce you to your own dedicated accountant, who will go above and beyond to ensure you’re getting all the help you need.

You will be provided with their mobile number for any urgent queries. They will do all the paperwork and introduction to the contractor’s agency.

We make sure you are able to benefit from the financial gains that come with a Limited Company, as well as ensuring you’re compliant with IR35 legislations.


An all-in-one hub

You will then be given access to our smart accountancy software, Free Agent, which also has an app and is very easy to use. Here, all of your documents are saved, along with all transactions going in and out, as it links with their business bank account.

Once 100% of the invoice value is paid into your business bank account, we then can advise you how to manage your funds to make it tax efficient.

If you’re interested in finding out more, please get in touch.

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