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What is Umbrella Payroll?

Why does it benefit me?

We work alongside your Recruitment Agency as their Payroll provider and act as your employer so that you can access the same benefits as someone who is in full-time permanent employment!

What does Umbrella mean for me?

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You will become an employee of Optimum Pay while your recruitment agency focus solely on finding your next assignment. Making Optimum Pay your employer means you will be treated the same as a full-time employee and you'll recieve all the same rights such as sick pay, maternity or paternity leave and Pension.

We also cover you for all your insurances from day one, these are Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Employers Liability.

As your Employer, we take responsibility for all your invoicing and cash collection and managing your personal tax, reporting directly to HMRC and ensuring you are fully compliant without you having to do the leg work!

We offer same day payments as we believe in paying you on time, every time. We will send you a text message when you're paid and you can access all of your payslips in our user friendly portal!

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Why choose Optimum Pay Group?

OPG same day payments

Same Day Payments.

You get paid the same day we do from your recruitment agency at no extra cost! We believe in paying on time, every time!

 advanced payments

Advanced Payments.

We have a daily payroll run with an advance facility, that runs up to 5.00pm every Friday for that extra little bit of help.

OPG holiday pay

Holiday and pensions.

Our employees accrue holidays as they work and are automatically enrolled in our Nest pension scheme after 3 months.

OPG mortgages and loans

Mortgages & Loans.

We offer a portable pay solution you can use from contract to contract and will therefore show as continuous employment which is beneficial when applying for mortgages and loans! 

OPG pensions maternity sick

Statutory Payments.

By using umbrella and Optimum Pay Group as your employer you can benefit from all types of statutory payments including sick pay & maternity or paternity pay.

OPG payslip portal

Accesible Payslips.

We send you an SMS once the funds have been sent to you and you can view all of your payslips through our online portal!

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