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5 Spooky Payroll Myths

Debunking Spooky Myths About Payroll!

It may be Halloween, but don’t get tricked! Give yourself a treat and read about the common myths around payroll.


1.Only large businesses need to outsource their payroll…

Outsourcing your payroll can be a time and cost saving move. We have the knowledge, technology and reporting capabilities to help you whether you are a sole trader or are multinational organisation. We also have professionals on hand to deal with complex tax and legalities so that you don’t have to.


2. It is more cost effective to do payroll in house…

Wrong! Employing a payroll department requires a full recruitment process incurring vacancy advertisement, hiring, training and wage costs. You will also need to budget in payroll software, IT support and security systems to minimise any risk.


3. Payroll services only process salary payments…

Myth number 3 centres around what we do when we say we are assisting with your “payroll”. With over 40 years’ experience in the recruitment and contractor payroll sector, we offer: full IR35 checks, tax and national insurance contributions, full sign-ups and administration processes, home office and right to works and more.


4. Payroll providers offer generic solutions and limited choice of services…

Following on from the above, another common myth about payroll centres around there being limited options for business who need help with their payroll. For example, some business require help with more complex issues such as IR35 checks whereas you may simply require wage processing.

We tailor all our solutions to you, under our Optimum Umbrella. We provide a stress=free business structure for you to operate under to take the stress out of payroll!


5. Moving payroll to an external provider is hard work…

No one likes change, but when it is for better, why not?! We provide a smooth transition for businesses, moving your payroll to us a simple set up and the whole process is managed by professionals. We do the work so that you can get on with the job in hand.


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