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Optimum Pay Group launches new game-changing payroll calculator

Optimum Pay Group has launched a brand-new payroll calculator that aims to provide fast, accurate and reliable calculations.


The payroll provider is currently undergoing a complete redesign of its website, which aims to provide a streamlined and overall improved user-friendly experience.


This new calculator forms a large part of the website launch campaign, focusing on taking away the time-consuming nature of wage and expenses calculations.


Using a number of algorithms, this calculator will provide in-depth calculations that will help find the best payroll options for the client, from CIS to Limited, and PAYE and Umbrella.


All of the figures are promised to be frequently updated to reflect the constant changes to HMRC guidelines, and it can be used whenever the client is needed.


Every aspect of payroll calculation is catered for, such as a Limited Company, where a person can then work out profit, expenses, and corporation tax, to name a few.


People who are interested in trying out the new payroll calculator are able to do so now, by signing up at the link below.


Simply fill in a few details and an email will be sent through, which then grants access to the calculator, with all the features available to try out.


The new website launch is almost here, with a date of 6 July planned.


For more information regarding the services Optimum Pay Group provide, the new payroll calculator or any media enquiries, please call 0203 9624212.


Calculator sign up - https://info.optimumpaygroup.com/newcalculator

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