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We are CIS Experts

As the leading Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) specialists, we’ll help you navigate the complexities of this industry. Enjoy the freedom self-employment offers, and forget the worry.

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The Benefits Of Working With CIS Experts

Paid on time, every time.

You can rest assured that once things are set up, we will get you paid on time and in full every time it’s due. No more waiting, missed payments, or stressful uncertainty.

Properly registered.

You know that whether you’re a contractor, subcontractor, or both, we will ensure that things are all correctly configured. Gross or Net status will be regulated and tax posted to HMRC accordingly on your behalf.

Properly regulated.

You needn’t worry about the latest rules and regulations, as we keep on top of any and all changes while making sure our systems and clients remain fully compliant.


You free yourself from the challenges of self-employment. We take care of things and let you focus on your job.

Tax compliant.

You won’t receive any nasty surprises from HMRC, because we are thorough and rigorous in our work. Statements sent out each month to show all taxes posted, and to assist in your end of year tax.

Transparent prices.

You know exactly what our services will cost you because we are honest and fully-transparent from the get-go.

Everything is taken care of.

You avoid the hassle of raising invoices, as we can do this on your behalf.

Varied payment schedules.

You can take advantage of our flexible payment schedules. We pay daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, depending on which suits your needs best.


What Is CIS?

The Construction Industry Scheme - or CIS - is an HMRC-operated business tax scheme. It’s designed to streamline the tax affairs for contractors and self-employed subcontractors working in the construction industry.

Through CIS, contractors make deductions from subcontractors’ payments and pay these to HMRC. These deductions contribute to a subcontractor’s income tax and national insurance obligations.

The CIS system involves tighter regulations than previously existed in this industry, meaning many contractors turn to CIS specialists for support, and to ensure compliance.

For contractors, working with CIS experts gives the peace of mind of knowing that you are operating within the law and meeting your obligations to HMRC and to your subcontractors. It shifts the admin responsibility away from your organisation, and into the hands of experts.

For subcontractors, CIS offers simplicity and, if they are registered, reductions in taxable income. Our services facilitate the registration of subcontractors, providing value and cohesion across the board.

For the purposes of CIS, construction includes jobs like alterations, installing heating systems, laying foundations, dismantling, and many more. Registration requirements vary depending on the nature of your role and the work you’ll be undertaking. As CIS experts we can help you get everything configured correctly to make sure you’re compliant, free of risk, and eligible to earn the money you’re entitled to.

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We believe payroll should be simple and efficient for everyone involved, and not a source of hassle. That’s why we use the most powerful and efficient software to deliver fully-bespoke and fully-compliant payroll solutions to all of our customers, regardless of size and sector. By understanding the needs and demands of our clients, we can tailor our service to be as valuable as possible.

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