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We Are PAYE Experts

Save time and money for your business with our cost-effective, efficient, and fully-bespoke PAYE payroll services.

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PAYE Benefits For Your Business


You send us the hours your staff have worked and their rates of pay, we process the payroll for you and send out payslips.


You don’t need to worry about late, missed, or wrong payments because we deliver every single time. We know how important prompt and error-free payment is at all levels of your business, so that’s what we do.


You decide when payroll runs are completed. We offer daily or weekly runs to keep the organisational freedom in your hands.


You save on software costs because we use the most powerful and efficient PAYE software platforms.


You save on organisational costs because we remove the need for in-house payroll teams.

No stress.

You save on stress because we tailor and scale our PAYE solutions according to your specific business needs.

Fully compliant.

You needn’t worry about regulatory compliance because we take care of all your HMRC PAYE, tax, and pension responsibilities accurately and compliantly.


What is PAYE?

PAYE stands for Pay As You Earn. Under the system, every employee is awarded a tax code that reflects their circumstances and allowances. Based on this tax code, the PAYE system calculates and subtracts a certain amount from a person’s salary, taking into account factors like sick pay, maternity and paternity pay, pensions, and so on.

For the employee, experience with PAYE is usually limited to seeing a deduction on your payslip. This is automatic, and the money is subtracted before you receive payment, meaning there’s no obligation on you to set money aside. The system strives for simplicity and removes the needs to submit tax returns as are required by default in some countries.

For employers, PAYE becomes a requirement once your business meets certain criteria attached to earnings and employment conditions. When you do become eligible for PAYE you must keep certain records and send these to PAYE, as well as fulfilling other organisational obligations.

Many businesses prefer to outsource these obligations to an external organisation, one with the experience and expertise to keep things ticking over within the complex PAYE framework.

As PAYE payroll experts, we offer PAYE solutions that ensure you stay in control of your payroll, whilst we take care of all your HMRC, tax, and pension responsibilities compliantly and accurately.

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Working with Optimum Pay Group is easy

Save time. Save money. Be scalable. Three simple watchwords, baked into the core of our business.

We believe payroll should be simple and efficient for everyone involved, and not a source of hassle. That’s why we use the most powerful and efficient software to deliver fully-bespoke and fully-compliant payroll solutions to all of our customers, regardless of size and sector. By understanding the needs and demands of our clients, we can tailor our service to be as valuable as possible.

Join our extensive portfolio of satisfied umbrella payroll clients today, and experience first-hand the myriad benefits we deliver.