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We are Worldwide Payroll Experts

Our fully-bespoke worldwide payroll solutions let your business thrive in today’s modern, digital, interconnected world. We’ll deliver success, wherever your business takes you.

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Worldwide payroll experts

Worldwide Payroll Benefits for your Business

Worldwide presence.

You are no longer held back by international borders. We pave the way for your business to achieve growth on a worldwide scale.

Regulatory compliance.

You are in the hands of qualified experts. We will take care of all the complexities of working abroad, from A1 certificates to tax and insurance obligations.

No hassle.

You can enjoy fully-bespoke worldwide payroll solutions that address all your specific needs. We design, implement, and manage every step of the process.


You won’t have to wait around, because working across borders no longer means slow progress with long lead times. We work to quick and efficient timescales, ensuring timely payment and payroll processing.

Streamlined logistics.

You can navigate the inherent complexities of a worldwide system. We take care of conflicting regulations, discrepancies in remuneration, and challenges posed by differing data legislations.

Centralised operations.

You can compensate employees working around the world from one location with the tools and systems we provide.

Technically sound.

You enjoy state-of-the-art payroll solutions because we only use the most powerful and efficient payroll software, including streamlined platforms and centralised cloud data.


What is Worldwide Payroll?

Optimum Worldwide Services Limited provides optimised, accurate, and simplified solutions that cross borders, meaning your payroll is secure no matter wherever you are in the world.

Our umbrella payroll services are fully bespoke to the specific needs of each client, regardless of their scale or sector. We draw on years of expertise and experience to deliver flawless results each time, and our toolkit includes the most powerful and up-to-date payroll software.

Technological developments over recent decades have revolutionised worldwide payroll, opening up a whole new world of opportunity - quite literally. By embracing modern worldwide payroll solutions, your business stands to enjoy the myriad benefits offered by international expansion.

Operating globally brings its own set of challenges, it’s true, but these are outweighed by massive potential benefits. Our worldwide payroll services take care of the challenges, giving your business full access to the benefits.

Regulations between jurisdictions affect all aspects of the payroll process, but as worldwide payroll specialists, we take the hassle and stress out of your hands. Through our use of modern technological solutions like cloud data and centralised platforms, you’re free to focus your energy and resource on growth and expansion.

Our experts will take you through all the complexities of worldwide payroll, from A1 certification to tax and insurance issues. Our solutions are compliant across all relevant jurisdictions, ensuring full compliance on your part. And we’re always on hand to answer your questions and address any concerns that may arise.

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Working with Optimum Pay Group is easy

Save time. Save money. Be scalable. Three simple watchwords, baked into the core of our business.

We believe payroll should be simple and efficient for everyone involved, and not a source of hassle. That’s why we use the most powerful and efficient software to deliver fully-bespoke and fully-compliant payroll solutions to all of our customers, regardless of size and sector. By understanding the needs and demands of our clients, we can tailor our service to be as valuable as possible.

Join our extensive portfolio of satisfied umbrella payroll clients today, and experience first-hand the myriad benefits we deliver.